Saturday, January 25, 2014

Enhancing baby speech: how to help them talk quicker and clearer

We often come across advices upon parenting, be it food habits, baby's health or even their speech, especially if they are late talkers. True it is, there are certain little facts which greatly impact baby speech, some of them are discussed below.

Be verbose

The more you talk, and the sooner you start, the better. It is a myth to think that infant do not pay attention or listen. Researchers rove that babies as young three months make a note of lip movement. The sooner you start communicating with you peanut, the quicker it is likely to be reciprocated. Speak to her while she's getting a massage from you, while taking a bath or any other time she's awake.

Social gatherings

Make an attempt to socialize as much as possible . Let the baby interact with new faces, here new pitches, observe new expressions and get used to new faces. This not only helps her learn communication styles, but also helps develop her social skills quite early. This would also help her cope better with stranger anxiety in the months to come, usually around nine months or so.

Minimise visual stimulation

Visual stimulation in the form of television should not be introduced very early, not before the age of fifteen to eighteen months. This not just delays communication, but may even reduce the attention span of the baby. Instead, audio CDs, rhymes etc would be better options to keep the baby busy for a while.

Read books

This habit goes a long way, especially when started early. It not only build their vocabulary, but even helps them make a routine. Reading a bedtime story can be started as early as one year or even before that .

Sign less

Though signing happens to be a very good medium of communication for infants, it may sometimes delay the need to speak. The baby would find it easier to get his needs fulfilled by signing rather than speaking up.

Don't baby talk

When a baby is around, we tend to baby talk. Avoid doing so. The baby imitates you. This way she would learn to talk clearer.

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